Title insurance provides you with peace of mind and ensures that you have clear title to your property. Before a policy is issued, the title company conducts a search of public records, maps, and recorded documents.  Only after collecting, examining, and interpreting appropriate records is a policy issued to insure the title.  A title insurance policy insures against financial loss from defects in title and hidden problems that can arise with the title that may not have been found during the title search.

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Title insurance guarantees that the property you are purchasing is free of undisclosed liens, confusion in the rights of ownership and clouds on the title.  It takes the risk out of acquiring property when your new property may have changed hands many times through sale, inheritance, foreclosure, or bankruptcy.  Each transfer was an opportunity for an error to occur.  For a one-time fee, the policy will protect you as long as you own the property and after you sell the property for defects occurring prior to your ownership.

The protection you get from title insurance is only as good as the company that underwrites it.  It is in your best interest to select a title insurer that meets the highest standards of financial stability, professional integrity, and responsible management.


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